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These Amazingly Eye-Opening Blog Posts on the WordPress Reader Deserve a Read

If the plethora of blog posts I swim through every day is any evidence, many blogs on the WordPress Reader are immensely helpful and eye-opening. But if anything, the most well-written and easily influential ones – whether or not they are the ones that pull likes and comments – are amazing blogs with amazing writers who, regardless of their experience (though I am sure have a good lot of it) make it an enjoyable, mind-opening experience to read their pieces.

Of course, this list is entirely based on my personal opinion. The authors of the posts on this list did not provide me a compensation of any kind for writing this. These are pieces that I have curated after coming across them on the WP Reader (just as you have probably found this one).

For now, sit back and prepare to have your mind exposed to new ideas!

Chris Nicholas’s Alpha

A beautiful, multi-conflict piece written during the peak of COVID-19, Alpha discusses how we should, so to speak, be wolves. That probably sounds pretty crazy for you, but if you read the piece I promise you’ll love it!

Read the post here >> Alpha

Stuart Danker’s Word on Blogging

What being a blogger really means or entails, I did not know until I came across this masterpiece narrating Stuart’s general feedback on what most blogs offer. If you truly want to provide value as a blogger, read this.

Read Stuart’s post here >> Here’s How to Provide More Value As A Blogger

Raegan Debunks Homeschooling Stereotypes

A particular post from Raegan’s Full Mind that struck something in me is a post where seven myths about homeschooling are debunked. Did you ever think homeschoolers don’t socialize, or that they play all day? Read this and think again.

Read Raegan’s post here >> Debunking Homeschool Stereotypes

K.M. Allan’s Invaluable Advice on Editing

Whether you’re editing a short story or a novel, you’re going to love K.M. Allan’s post on what to edit when you feel like something is missing. If you’re a writer, be sure to check out her post below.

Read K.M. Allan’s post here >> Editing Tips: What To Check When It Feels Like Something Is Missing

Feedback, Not the Goal — Wandering Ambivert

Only a few weeks back, Wandering Ambivert published a blog post talking about bloggers’ obsession with statistics, and how it’s better to focus on the feedback. It’s a wonderful, short piece, and I encourage you to take it in by clicking the link below.

Read his post here >> Stats and analytics – Feedback; Not the goal

Over to You

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick roundup! These are articles that have opened my eyes to the wonders of many different things. Chances are, you’ve already come across some of them before you read this post!

Have you recently read a life-changing piece on the WP Reader that you’d like to share? Share your thoughts!




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  1. Stuart Danker

    I’m honoured that you’d include me in the list. And an older and more obscure post too. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olivia Pail

      ‘Course, Stuart!! Thanks for your continuous support on my blog, this really means a lot to me :)))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mthobisi Magagula

    Yes Olivia, there are blog posts out there that deserve a silver lining and a huge notification. I love Stuart Danker’s website “Your Friendly Malaysian Writer”, his blogs are encouraging, thoughtful and they shape the way you see life. Also, even though you didn’t mention this writer here but Renard Moreau website ” Renard’s World”(you should search it on the reader bar here on WordPress) he provides great blogging tips.

    Lastly, these days your blogs Olivia are an eye opener, keep it up with the blogging tips and amazing work💯💯👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olivia Pail

      That’s a great addition — I’ll definitely check out his website. And I really must thank you so much for the amazing support you’ve been giving my blog — so thanks once again for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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